Hello, I'm Sara!

A web developer and designer!

Crux: Conquer the Climb

A comprehensive climbing app designed for both experienced and unexperienced climbers. It serves as a one-stop platform to enhance the climbing experience, connecting climbers, providing valuable information, and fostering a supportive community.

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UW-Stout Senior Show 2024 project.

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A comprehensive guide to understanding the phenomenon of biomagnification and its profound impact on ecosystems worldwide. The website is dedicated to providing accessible, informative, and engaging resources for students, educators, researchers, and anyone interested in learning about this crucial ecological concept.

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GRAZER is a 3D Western shooter set in the near post-apocalyptic future. You play as an intrepid gunslinging rancher accompanied by your loyal herd of cattle as you venture across the barren outskirts of Nevada in search of a pasture fit for your herd to graze. But beware, the route you travel is riddled with vicious bandits who will hunt you tirelessly until they’ve stolen every single one of your precious cattle!

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UW-Stout Involvment Graphic Design Work

Some projects that got to design while working at UW-Stout Involvment Center as a graphic designer.



I am currently looking for full-time positions or paid internships in UX/UI design, or front-end development. I am also open to more traditional graphic design positions.

Applications and languages I am fluent in are: HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap, Figma and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

I thrive in spaces where I'm able to use my creative and problem solving skills. I enjoy collaborative projects as well as thrive on independent projects. I am drawn to web development and front-end design because I've always had an interested in programming. I found UX/UI development to be the most enjoyable because of the problem solving involved with coding, while still being able to do something creative.

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Contact: saramoen20@gmail.com