The website is promoting the game and would link directly to the page where the game is hosted. It will tell people what the game is about and highlight the environment of the game and show some screenshots with using environment assets directly from the game on the website.


& Designer


Sara Moen


May 2023
(6 wk. Total)

Pictured above: a quick glance of the hero section of the senior show website.


GRAZER is a 3D Western shooter set in the near post-apocalyptic future. You play as an intrepid gunslinging rancher accompanied by your loyal herd of cattle as you venture across the barren outskirts of Nevada in search of a pasture fit for your herd to graze. But beware, the route you travel is riddled with vicious bandits who will hunt you tirelessly until they’ve stolen every single one of your precious cattle!


Many people are unaware of what biomagnification is. By doing a website on biomagnification it would raise awareness to the issue that many people aren’t aware of. This website informs people of the issue while also informing them on what they could do to help.

Design Process

Visual Design

Final Deliverables

The project concludes with delivering a fully operational website that embodies the envisioned design, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality align seamlessly.


What I Learned

Through this project, I've learned that the initial idea is just a starting point. There were many variations before settling on a final design and many changes were made to the visual design while developing the website.

I've gained skills in collecting information to write website content, blending personal experiences and researched articles to shape a compelling narrative for a more engaging user experience..

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